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    Chongqing moire stone


    Also known as wind fossils, produced in Geleshan, Chongqing, Tu shan. This stone is the main ingredients of the Carboniferous rocks formed by all kinds of stone, color polymerization, phase noise, channel aspect, named for a turtle like texture. Stone hard, pale color, dark gray or brown yellow stone surface texture, full, clear crack. Chongqing area moire stone is abundant, large volume, mainly used for landscape stone appreciation. Moire stone is also creating good stone rock gully artistic conception, the stone bonsai, showing the hilly and rugged cliff cupping, majestic boundless potential. Moire stone


    Shandong moire stone


    Zhong Luoshan mountains is mainly produced in Shandong province north of the city of Feixian County. The stone is a limestone, stone hard surface, ancient Cang Xirun, is gray, the stone body distribution turns sunken grooves, arranged in a crisscross pattern, resembles a turtle named texture. The moire stone has a long history, as early as in the Ming and Qing Dynasties literati collection and appreciation.


    Moire stone mostly naked on the surface, the ancient Cang Xiu, elegant Xiongqi, its shape with a vertical layer structure and cross layer structure two. The vertical layer structure of Moire stone steep hilly Stubbs, mostly mountains, Qifeng rocks, Wei Ya insurance Qingtian stone etc modeling; cross layer structure is moire Stone Gully, meandering mountain, quiet long rhyme. Some moire stone strange shapes, like birds and animals, mountains, influential man King reduction, were all as vivid and natural charm. Shi Ke with Moire appreciate its base natural form, landscape and bonsai tree stone can be made into different styles, quite good to hear or see. Moire stone have also been distributed in Dongpo Juxian Luohe Zhen Luo mountain, mountain chicken, produced in the thick layer of Ordovician Dolomite, the surface has different crack texture, more rounded body.


    Hunan moire stone


    Produced in Hunan Province, the emperor of Zhangjiajie mountain area. The locals stone turtle rock, stone texture like turtle pattern, the markings have square, rhombus, scale shaped, bamboo shaped, slightly polished into the water, namely the pattern. The color is very bright. The moire stone pattern is peculiar, carved stone turtle, inkstone and other handicrafts on raw materials.


    The moire stone is distributed in the Tianzishan Permian strata of the Coral fossils, scientific name "Huayingshan multi walled coral stone, stone lines above cerioid complex, a hexagon, resembles the moire, diagonal length of 8 mm to 10 mm, the internal structure of spider.


    Hunan city of Chenzhou province Yizhang County, known as "coal town" and "township building" and "non-ferrous metals town" reputation, the gem mineral reserves are also very rich. There are black jade, Wu Shuibi (color silica), moire stone, gall stone, wood stone, fossils, yellow stone, blue and white stone etc..


    In short, produced moire stone have in many places, its high ornamental.


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